Welcome to Agility Trial Downloads
July 30-August 1, 2021

Course maps will be available sometime between 7 & 9 PM the night prior to the trial event.

NOTE Trial Secretary Update:
As of July 15, 2021, Trial Secretary, Glenn Rawsky will handle all trial communications. 
Contact email:  TrialSec@furrydogs.com

(Thoughts and Prayers for Barb Blanchfield's Speedy Recovery)


NO Masks Required,
But If Desired, You May Wear One

Please do NOT attend this trial: (a) if you were exposed to Covid-19 within 10 days preceding the trial and do not have a confirmed negative result from testing done 5+ days after the exposure. (b) if you have COVID-19 or its symptoms at the time of the trial. If any of these conditions apply to you or if you feel ill in any way during the trials, please contact the Trial Secretary if you wish to request a full refund for any runs not yet completed.



A special "Thank You" to the Judges, Trial Secretaries, Exhibitors, Trial Workers, and Club Members for a Great Agility Trial in the midst of a pandemic!