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Welcome to Agility Trial Downloads

Course maps will be available sometime between 7 & 9 PM the night prior to the trial event.


Please do NOT attend this trial:  (a) if you were exposed to Covid-19 within 10 days preceding the trial and do not have a confirmed negative result from testing done after the exposure. (b) if you have COVID-19 or it’s symptoms at the time of the trial. (c) if you feel ill in any way during the trials, please contact the Trial Secretary if you wish to request a full refund for any runs not yet completed due to Covid-19. At the time of the trial please go to:  to see a guide that will be kept up to date as Pennsylvania resources and information change.


AAKA Agility Trial Premium


Pre-Trial Running Order



Friday FAST & JWW Maps
Friday Standard & T2B Maps
Saturday FAST & JWW Maps
Saturday Standard & T2B Maps
Sunday FAST & JWW Maps Relisted
Sunday Standard & T2B Maps
A special "Thank You" to the Judges, Trial Secretaries, Exhibitors, Trial Workers, and Club Members for a Great Agility Trial in the midst of a pandemic!

Judging Program


Worker Schedule

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